Fear and Love

Through the years, I realize that our troubles are mostly initiated by our own fears; fears of failure, fears of disappointments, fears of poverty, fears of the unknown… the list goes on but we need never have to live in these fears anymore when we learn to trust God completely. In my weakness, He’s my strength; In my unrighteousness, He is my righteousness; In my sin, He’s my deliverer; In my foolishness, He’s my wisdom; In my sorrows, He’s my joy; In my sickness, He’s my healer; In my poverty, He’s my provider; In my death, He’s my life…. He is able to fill every lack and every unknown in my life with His love and perfect fullness. And that, He wants to give to all His children. Like Job, He allows Satan to mess up our lives a little so that we may see our weakness and His greatness, so that we may find rest for our souls. How very wonderful it is to know that He is our God and loving Father, who will never leave us nor forsake us. His perfect love casts out all fears.


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