Who does God qualify as a Christian

Going to church every Sunday does not make a Christian - often times it's simply religious duty. Quoting your Holy Bible does not make a Christian too - Satan even quoted and tried tempting Jesus with it. Christians are those who know and love God enough to want to obey His commandment - to love as Christ has also loved. You'll know them by their fruits, the fruits of agape love. All Christians are called to love as Jesus loved. We are all to be disciples of Jesus Christ, reflecting His love and light, having the Kingdom of God established in us and through us, that the poor, needy, broken-hearted, sick, oppressed, those who are in bondage and without hope, may know the love and the power of Jesus Christ to forgive them, heal them, and set them free. Every Christian is expected to serve, to help, to love and to build up the kingdom of God. Jesus says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be." Love must dwell in the heart, but where is this love found? Is love guilty of leaving the sacrificial burden of establishing the Kingdom of God to some leaders of the church while others selfishly enjoy the comforts of their own home? It cannot be so with love. Love compels us to share the load, to help with the burden, to labour together as one. All over the world, the needs of the body of Christ is so great! Christians in Asia, Africa, and so many parts of the world are so poor, they are hungry for decent food. Leaders in Asia, compelled by God's love to take care of unwanted children are unable to feed these kids. Everyday, they're crying out to the Lord for provision. Christians in Africa dying of famine and war. We may be different in race, culture, nationalities, and more, but we are all born of the same Father, Jesus Christ. No matter where they are, what they look like, or how they live, we must learn to see them through the eyes of the Father - learn to see them as our very own brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. If we believe our family shouldn't be deprived of good things because God is good, why should others be deprived? Is God not equally good to them? Does God not love them as He loved us? Open up our hearts and love, and share. This brings true delight to our Father as we live out the kingly and noble lives He has given us.

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