Serving the Poor, Agape Family Care

Agape Family Care was started to provide a Safe Place for Slum Children not going to Public School yet. Having a small House near a Slum, we are running now at full capacity almost, having 25 kids aged 3 to 7 spending the day there. and about 25 aged 8 to 12 for English Classes. It is a bridge Place also, where we share the love of Christ and reach out to the families..
The Purpose...


Small children not going to school yet spend the day in the slums or collecting rubbish. We give them a shelter where they :

- Learn Khmer and Maths

- Have snacks and healthy lunch that we provide

- Bath and brush teeth and learn Hygien

- Play and have fun

- learn about Jesus



English Classes...


We started also English Classes Morning and afternonn for children going to Public School.

We limit the classes to 15 kids, so we can have greater results. 



Daily Lunch...

Every School day we serve a healty lunch to the children....

First Christmas...

​All the children and their parents came... It was wonderful and a good occasion to preach Christ to the parents.... 

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