Hydroponic Farm

Few months ago, we have been blessed with the material of an Hydroponic Farm.
Having no knowledge about farming, some friends helped to install the system.
After a few months of testing and learning, we are able to get beautifiul vegetables. Having 6 months without rain, we can have vegetables all year.
As we are serving more than 2000 meals a month at our Center at the Baray and at our Family Care Center, this is such a blessings. We even build a new system using local cheap material to reduce future investments to increase of the farm.
This farm will help us also to bring to realisation a vision I had many years ago to feed the poor, and specialy our poor brethren in Christ.... After 2 months of testing if our system is good, we believe the Lord will provide the support necessary to increase the farm and also for our feeding project "The Bowl of Rice"
Pictures of the farm





Our fish farming

​We have at our Center many water canals.... We added in 2 canals 600 baby tilapia and 600 catfish... 

So far it is succesful as the tilapia are about 8" long and the Catfish about 10".


This will also be part of the feeding program to the poor "the Bowl of Rice"


Our new system