House of Prayers Cambodia

Overnight Meetings


One monthly event

Overnight Prayer Meeting from 9pm to 6am.

We have seen often a wonderful move of God during these nights.

House of Prayers.

Situated at Teuk Vil, about 10 kilometers from the city of Siem Reap, our House of Prayers is located on a 2 hectares piece of Land. It is a beautiful compound, with many trees and flowers and a pond and water canals. One House is the House of Prayers (2), one House is the boys quarters (3) which can also hold meetings near the pond, one House is the ladies quarters and the last House in the back is where our family stays. 


We have averagely 15 to 30 people staying at the House of Prayers... Some are hungry for God, some are sick and here for their healing, some have mental problems, some are just old and have no where to go. We have also some widows and single mothers  and children staying with us.


Our Center is open to local churches and ministries.We hold at the House of Prayers :

- Daily Devotion 8 to 10am (English/khmer)

- Wednesday Prayer Meeting 10.30am

- Daily Evening Prayer Time 7.30pm (Khmer)

- Overnight Prayer Meeting once a month 9pm to 6am (Khmer/English)

- One or 2 disciples schools a year over 8 weeks each

- Special meeetings like Pastors fellowship or Ministries meetings


We have by the Grace of God seen many be set free and many healed. Many returning to God and been on Fire for Him and starting a Church where they live. Many also have been baptized and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior