Church Meeting Chpar Ampov

Manis, polio girl, we provided for her to attend school

Dow Syndrom kid in the slums

One of many Pastors meetings in Takeo

Children in the Slum

Could not walk, now healed

More than 45 getting Baptised

Preaching in Takeo

Phnom Penh Preaching

Another Water Baptism

Feeding the Poor

Kandal Province, praying

Crusade Nias, praying for the sick

Rice and food items during the floods

That day 300 people accepted Jesus as Lord, praise God

Laying hands

Praying for the sick

Charlene praying in a village
Charlene praying in a village

Telling about Jesus in a village

in the slums with slum kids

Praying at our Center

In Church

In an Accident lost his eye... After prayer pull his eye in... Can see again

Flooded, we have been flooded few times

Naomi, 3 months old, 1.3 kilos when she came to our Center

Blind... After Laying of Hands can see again, Praise God

Our aquaponic farm